Energy Technology

URBAS has been constructing trendsetting energy systems for the intelligent use of biogenic fuels for more than 30 years.URBAS systems are specially designed for energy recovery from the inhomogeneous fuels that accrue in sawmills and wood-processing plants or in forestry. Special combustion systems are used for the utilisation of recycling wood.

A dedicated research department is permanently engaged in innovations on the topics of ENERGY and BIOMASS.

The realization of plants for the sustainalbe use of biogenic fuels according to economical and ecological criterias - this is the competence of URBAS.

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Energy from Biomass

Biomass technology


The combined generation of heat and electricity ensures maximum efficiency in the utilisation of biomass fuels. 

URBAS realises CHP plants with electric power up to 30 MW as biomass steam power plants. Wood gasification technology is used for smaller power outputs (from 150 kWel).


As an alternative to the steam cycle process, URBAS uses the technology of wood gasification in CHP systems with low output (from 150 kWel) and thus enables maximum efficiency to be achieved even in this power range.

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Biomass technology


Many production processes in plants in the food, chemical, paper and timber industries require steam of a precisely defined quality and quantity. Whether it is low-pressure or high-pressure steam, URBAS realises sophisticated complete solutions for the widest variety of requirements.


To generate hot water the heat supply of industrial plants or district heating networks, URBAS builds a broad range of boiler systems in the range from 1 MW to 50 MW of fuel thermal output. The spectrum of fuels that can be used is broad, ranging from natural waste wood and bark to used wood from recycling processes. 

URBAS complete solutions are customised to the requirements of the operator – from the fuel transport and the firing system through to flue gas scrubbing and energy distribution.

Biomass technology

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